Engineering and programming

Based on drawings and documentation from the customer, we carry out the engineering and programming of CNC machines, 

using Mastercam software, and offer effective CAD/CAM programming solutions.

Why order programming of CNC machines from us?

Our specialists’ many years of experience allows us to implement standard and non-standard software solutions for CNC lathes and milling machines. By ordering this service from us, you will reduce the time required to develop high-quality control programmes for turning, milling and drilling.

With the help of the software, you will achieve the most accurate machine processing and repeatability of mass production.

When do you need engineering and programming for lathes and milling machines?

Mastercam software assists with all stages of production – from designing parts to writing complex control programmes for machines with computer numerical control. The programme assists with 2.5-, 3- and 5-axis milling and turning machining, and visualisation of the entire machining process.


Mastercam software is used for every tool, every action and every process. This allows you to avoid damage to parts by the machine, which is extremely important when processing expensive materials, such as titanium and gold alloys.


Usually, we receive a technical specification from the customer – a drawing, on the basis of which we create a three-dimensional model of the part in the CAD system, and then write a programme that will control the processing of the part directly on the machine. The process of programming the machine allows you to visualise the idea and determine exactly how the machine processing process will be carried out.


This also helps with high-precision production, because precise programming of the machine means there is an almost 100% guarantee that the processed part will match the customer’s drawing.


If necessary, we can write a control programme for the customer’s CNC machine, which they can then independently use for processing and manufacturing their products.


Reverse engineering.

Reverse engineering is used to create a three-dimensional virtual model based on an existing physical part. The resulting model can then be used in three-dimensional CAD design or in production using a digital CAM model.


This process consists of measuring the object and then reconstructing the object as a three-dimensional model. For example, if in your production there is a mechanism that has fallen apart over many years of operation, but whose individual parts have been preserved.


These parts can be placed in a coordinate measuring machine, which can be used to obtain accurate measurements of the parts, after which a three-dimensional visualisation is created by the Mastercam software. When both parties – the customer and the manufacturer – are convinced that the model meets the needs of the customer, we can establish serial or piece production of the necessary parts.