Final processing and delivery

The final stage in the production or machine processing of parts is cleaning and processing.

Once the parts are washed and cleaned, they are ready to be transported anywhere in the world by any type of transport.


After the machine processing, we can at the request of the customer wash and clean the parts, as well as carry out dry tumbling using a filler that may contain abrasive granules. Tumbling is necessary for grinding and final polishing in order to give detail and an aesthetic appearance. Our factory uses drums with a vibration drive – under the influence of vibration, the material for tumbling is randomly mixed together and grinds the part located in the drum.

Using tumbling you can get parts to have almost mirror-like surfaces. This is important if you are planning to exhibit parts or equipment – for example, to participate in exhibitions or to show-case your products to customers.



We can process the parts using electroplating, which involves applying a thin film of another metal to the metal product. In order to cover the parts, a surface treatment is carried out – cleaning away dirt, degreasing and washing. After that, the parts are immersed in a special bath, in which galvanic coating is applied.


Galvanic coating offers:

  • anti-corrosive effect
  •  increased resistance of the part to wear and friction
  • increased temperature resistance
  • aesthetic appearance


We offer several types of coating:

  • electroplating
  • galvanisation
  • oxidation
  • chrome plating
  • zinc-plating
  • gilding and silvering


Sterile packaging.

It is important for medical customers to receive parts in a sterile package. For example, when it comes to dental implants or artificial joints, there is a high risk to customers’ quality of life if parts are not correctly sterilised.

Usually, customers perform the sterilisation of parts on their own premises, as sterile transportation increases the cost of production and delivery services. However, if necessary, we can sterilise the parts on our premises and provide sterile delivery by courier service. At the same time, we cannot guarantee absolute sterility during delivery, as we do not have the ability to control the conditions of transportation.



We work with all major courier services, so you can be sure that your cargo will be carefully transported in appropriate packaging and will arrive at its destination on time. Due to the favourable geographical location of the plant, near an airport and seaport, delivery is fast and punctual.

If necessary, you can arrange the pick-up of cargo from our factory site.