Precise measurements

High-precision parts require special attention during production. That’s why if you work in an industry where the price of a mistake could be a human life, you need to focus on quality control in production. One of the aspects of quality control is precise measurements

With the help of a coordinate measuring machine, we offer precise geometric measurements of the parts produced to check how accurately the products correspond to the customer’s drawings.

As a result of the measurements, you get accurate geometric data regarding the parts. With this data, you can understand:

– whether the parts deviate from the drawing;

– if there is a deviation, how significant or insignificant it is; it may be the case that the error is so small that it does not matter for your production.

Why come to us for precise measurements?

Our coordinate measuring machine is kept in a clean, climate-controlled room, which increases its accuracy. While measurement is going on, staff ensure that the surrounding conditions remain unchanged – for example, that windows and entrance doors are not opened. This reduces the risk of incorrect or inaccurate measurements.


In addition, the coordinate measuring machine allows you to save time on carrying out measurements.

When do you need precise measurements?

You can order the production of parts on our precise measuring equipment to be as sure as possible that all parts will be produced in full accordance with your documentation – with maximum precision and repeatability.


In addition, you can order the measurement of parts from us as a separate service to make sure that the parts are made strictly according to the drawings. This is especially important if you work in the medical, energy or aerospace industries. In this case, the parts can be used in high-pressure devices or at extreme temperatures, which increases the requirements for production accuracy.


The process of precise measurements.

We can perform intermediate measurements, depending on your wishes and needs – to check, for example, the first, last and every hundredth part from the batch. If your production requires it, we are happy to provide precise measurements for each part.


If necessary, we can carry out precise measurements using hand-held measuring instruments, such as electronic callipers or micrometers. However, calibrated equipment as a coordinate measuring machine that demonstrates the highest quality results, making measurements to an accuracy of up to a micron. The more complex the measurements or the more of them that need to be made, the more profitable it is to use a coordinate measuring machine.


Quality control.

All precise measurements are made in accordance with the quality control requirements. Anttrom ensures that the company’s internal processes, whether related to production or management, meet the requirements of international quality standards.


We guarantee that the programming of the coordinate measuring machine is carried out by professionals. The error-free operation of the programme ensures accurate results, due to the fact that after the programme is launched, the human factor is virtually eliminated and staff have no ability to influence the measurement results.