Third party control in independent laboratories

If necessary, we can arrange geometric measurements and quality control in independent certified laboratories.

When do you need a third party control with an independent lab?

You might need a check of this kind if your production requires an incredible degree of accuracy, because, for example, people’s lives or quality of life may depend on it. As a rule, this is the case in industries such as medicine (dental implants, endoprosthetics) and aerospace.


During the audit, an independent laboratory may request information about:

  • processes and operating procedures that have been adopted at the plant
  • equipment
  • working environment
  • quality control and confirmation of results


In addition, the laboratory will need documentation from both the customer and the factory. An independent laboratory will compare the customer’s specification with the output part and give an expert opinion on the compliance of the produced result with the order.


On customer requests we can include in the package:

  • an audit at a third-party laboratory
  • organising the process and sharing the results


We can also refer the customer to several different laboratories, so it’s possible to arrange an audit and to receive the results of testing independently.