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Are you tired of time-consuming manual drilling and milling that slows down your manufacturing process? Rather, are you lacking the capacity to provide necessary equipment for CNC machined parts? Then a rapid manufacturing service can truly help you boost your supply production.

However, it can be overwhelming to find the best CNC machining services. Yet, you need a contract manufacturing firm to help you produce parts for technology-based products to your exact specifications. Anttrom is your reliable solution for CNC machining in low-volume manufacturing and mass production.

Our CNC manufacturing uses state-of-the-art equipment. Our engineers are part of a talented manufacturing team. And they professional use high-quality machines for milling and turning processes. Here’s what services our CNC machining company can provide you:

How Anttrom manufacturing works?

Anttrom is a precision machining company offering a proven 6 step process. It is important to realize that your order will meet all specifications from request to delivery. First, we receive an RFQ that details the needed requirements. Provide us the specification for what you need for your project. Secondly is a DFM (Design for Manufacturing) analysis. This is a significant step to ensure that we can meet your needs. With attention to every detail, we will review the RFQ and specifications for feasibility for design. Third, we discuss CNC machining capabilities and what material will be used. And we define how we can optimize the process that you have requested. Fourth, you will receive a final quote with competitive prices. With your sign off we will schedule the processing of your order. Fifth, production may be the easy part. We ensure that we meet your requirements from the moment of request. Our formula: Quote + Specs + Materials = order produced to you specification. Lastly, you will receive your product once the order is complete. We will adhere to specs as tight of tolerance as +/- 0.001 mm.

Why Choose Anttrom?

Anttrom is a top-notch CNC machining company servicing across Europe. In fact, the team has years of experience in custom manufacturing various products across many industries. The cutting-edge precision machining allows us flexibility. Thus, we can manufacture precision parts with a wide variety of materials. These include materials like plastics, aluminum, titanium, carbon steel and more. We use high-precision machines suited for any industry. Our machine shop processes industrial, mechanical, or other technological components. These parts range from 0.5 mm to 500 mm in diameter. The CNC machines we use can also handle materials up to 1500 mm in length. We offer great experience as a precision machining service. This, backed with advanced equipment, make our rapid prototyping services exceptional. The trained specialists value the money and time of our customers. That’s why we ensure quick, efficient, and high-quality products are always delivered.
You can rest assured that Anttrom is the right choice for all your precision machining needs. Call our team today to benefit from the streamlined manufacturing process.
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