Parts produced by Anttrom are used in various industries: mechanical engineering, robotics, industrial equipment, the automotive industry, medicine, aerospace technology, and others.

Automotive industry

We carry out pre-machining of parts for engines, suspensions and gearboxes, ensuring high accuracy and compliance with order deadlines. We guarantee that the geometric dimensions of the parts will correspond to the customer’s drawings and that our serial production is repeatable.


The production of parts for medical devices and instruments requires particularly high precision and the ability to work with non-standard materials. We produce parts for measuring and therapeutic equipment – home and industrial devices for measuring biological parameters or analysing samples. Our equipment allows us to produce artificial organs and surgical instruments for situations where cutting of high complexity and precision is required.

Aerospace technologies

Our high-precision equipment allows us to manufacture high-precision parts from aluminium, nickel alloys and titanium for further use in aircraft construction. Thanks to strict quality control and professional staff, we can guarantee maximum compliance of products with the customer’s specifications.


Industrial equipment

We are able to quickly and accurately produce parts for machines and mechanisms from various metal alloys and plastics of any brand. These parts are ready for any industrial application immediately after delivery.

Energy industry

In the energy sector, devices are used that must operate during pressure drops or at extreme temperatures. Especially for the energy industry, we produce parts whose accuracy is guaranteed by quality control of production, well-established internal processes and the many years of experience of our employees.


Prototyping and prototyping speed is important when developing new ideas and bringing products to market. We can produce a high-precision prototype according to your specification in a short time and guarantee high accuracy of the product. If you decide to do rapid prototyping, do it with Anttrom.


The important field of robotics offers a basis for further technical development in production. As an automated production company, we understand more than anyone else the importance of introducing robotics into various industrial processes. We offer high-precision machining of parts for manipulator and mobile robots.


For the creation of various electronic devices, high-precision parts are needed, which we process and produce in our factory. We guarantee the reliability of the elements and connections that will be placed in your electronic devices.