When do you need a prototype?

Creating any new product is a time-consuming process, and during this process you need to decide who will be using the product and how. One of the stages involved in creating products is prototyping, when a prototype of a future product is created based on an industrial drawing or a 3D object.


A prototype is a physical sample or mock-up of a part that is needed for your production. With our CNC machine for high-precision machining, we can provide a fast and accurate prototyping process. We can make prototype parts from metal, steel, aluminium, titanium, plastic and other materials. The size of the prototype can vary from 0.5 mm to 500 mm in diameter and up to 1500 mm in length.


The process of prototyping.

Depending on the situation and the needs of the customer, we can produce a prototype according to the specification provided, or create the prototype ourselves using a CAD/CAM system. We process the workpieces on a CNC turning and milling machine, which makes it possible to quickly produce parts that in most cases a 3D printer will not be able to make.  The speed of prototyping depends on the complexity of the geometric dimensions of your products.


We are able to produce single parts from the relevant models, and to make as many iterations as necessary during the “design-production” cycle.