Metal 3D printing

Recently, metal 3D printing has become a necessary extension to traditional production, and for that reason it has been called additive manufacturing. 

Certain parts are easier to make on a three-axis CNC machine, but products with complex geometric shapes can only be created using a 3D printer.

Why come to us for metal 3D printing?

Our trusted partners in the Baltics specialise in metal 3D printing and will be able to print a workpiece for your part that will exactly match the specification provided. After that, we will take over from our partners and complete the production cycle with our high-tech equipment – turning and milling machines that provide precision machining.


This means, as a customer, you get a full range of services from a single contractor without having to negotiate with multiple service providers. Optimised work processes in the production of workpieces and parts will help you speed up the introduction of your products to the market.

When do you need metal 3D printing?

Metal 3D printing is necessary in the case when a workpiece made of a simple steel bar does not fit and it is necessary to make a workpiece of an unusually complex shape, for example, with a protrusion to the side or when the workpiece’s shape is different on one side from the other.


After the complex workpiece is printed on a 3D printer, the corresponding part can be produced on the plant’s equipment. Machine processing in this case is necessary, since the workpiece will not be as accurate as the part produced on a lathe and milling machine. In addition, parts printed on the printer can be produced more easily, and less material is used in producing them.