High-precision CNC machining

High-precision machining at the Anttrom plant is provided by multi-task turning and milling machines from manufacturers Bumotec and Okuma.

These are high-tech pieces of CNC equipment that allow you to perform turning, milling and grinding operations from a single CNC machine.

Why come to us for high-precision CNC machining?

The CNC machines we use are designed to maximise productivity and minimise downtime by reducing the amount of time that the machine spends not processing parts due to being set up or adjusted.


Multi-task CNC machines provide a high level of production automation, in which operator intervention in the process is almost minimal. Thanks to this and the combination of several types of machine processing in one CNC machine, there is a time saving of up to 60%.


Our CNC machines can operate almost independently, delivering consistently high-quality products. At the same time, they have production flexibility; that is, to process different parts, all you need to do is change the programme.


Another advantage of using CNC machines is the high accuracy and repeatability of machining. With well-established equipment and a well-written programme, you can produce thousands of identical parts to the quality required.

When do you need high-precision CNC machining?

High-precision machining is required in projects of high complexity – for example, in the medical, energy and aerospace industries.


At the Anttrom plant, you can order turning and milling machining that will be carried out with high accuracy and on time.


We do all the manipulations from the same installation. This ensures not only accuracy in the machining, but also time savings of up to 60%, because the number of actions that the operator needs to perform is reduced.


Quality control.

All machining is carried out in accordance with the requirements of quality control, as evidenced by certificates awarded to the plant  such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001. The Anttrom ensures that all internal processes of the company, whether production or management, meet the requirements of international quality standards.


To ensure quality control, each lathe and milling machine is equipped with a Renishaw Touch Probe measuring instrument. This is a super-sensitive physical tool located inside the machine. If any conditions have changed, the CNC machine will detect it and will make adjustments to ensure high-precision and error-free production.


Due to internal adjustment, the machine can make any necessary corrections – for example, if the teeth of the cutter, that rotates inside the machine have been ground down by even one micron, the internal system will adjust machining of the part so that it meets the specifications.


There are two types of adjustment:

  • our staff measure the necessary tools once a shift
  • the programme on the CNC machine provides automatic adjustment, which makes a correction of the tool and continues processing so as not to damage the part


If we carry out a small or medium-sized order for the mass production of parts, the machine is programmed so that it stops when it detects that a correction has to be made, and signals that it has stopped, after which the machine operator can independently make a decision about whether there is a need for correction.